At Dogtown Truss we offer the best service, quality and price in the Industry supplying roof and floor trusses. We are the only locally owned manufacture in Las Vegas.

RB Components builds custom Sprinter 144",170",170"EXT Adventure vans as well as manufactures accessories and components, all which are all proudly made in the U.S.A…

Roof Components Underlayment — The underlayment of a roof is the black paper that's laid over the plywood sheeting in order to seal the roof from damaging elements (snow, rain, ice, etc.). The use of a membrane is typically required, a waterproof membrane, a sweat sheet or vapor barrier — with the underlayment paper serving the triple function.

Roof Colors Color options for a metal roof metal roofing paint quality smp (Acrylic) vs Kynar 500 coating How to choose the best roof color? Ideally, the color of your roof will complement and elevate the look of… Metal roofing offers a great variety of styles, materials, and colors. This guide focuses on color selection. — The

Color Resources. Our metal roof and wall panel Color Resources area provides you with multiple color charts, paint facts and an interactive color visualizer.

Roofing Components. All steep-slope roof systems, (i.e., roofs with slopes of 25 percent or more), have five basic components

Basic roof components In this video I look at the components of a typical roof. Ridge, Rafters Hips, Valleys, Purlins, struts and Strutting Beams all go into the make up of most…

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