Eaves—The lower edge of a roof (often overhanging beyond the edge of the house). Fascia—A decorative board extending down from the roof edge either at the eave or at the rake. Felt—The bituminous paper used by roofers, usually made of a combination of asphalt and either paper or rags.

Like many aspects of a home, a roof is fairly complex. There are quite a few parts of a roof on a home including different layers and features. Below we created a very helpful custom diagram that illustrates the various features and layers of a typical roof. For more information about roofs, check out our types of roofs article and diagrams.

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Parts of a cut roof. Mike worth. Загрузка… roof trusses Installed in the Smith Center – Продолжительность: 2:16 Jacksonville Country Day School 19 943 просмотра.

Roof Shingles Shingle Roof Supplies Australia import IKO’s North America’s full range of roofing shingles and related roofing materials. IKO is one of the largest and most respected producers in America and are the largest exporter Worldwide. The perfect finishing touch for your new roof The perfect finishing touch for your new roof should be a protective

Here are a roof truss' basic parts and terms: Top chord —The primary segment of the truss that runs along the underside and supports its decking. Slope —This is the roof's steepness measurement. For instance, say your roof is 5" in 12"; it's telling you the roof is raised four inches for each horizontal 12…

Incredible series of roof truss illustrated diagrams showing the many different parts of a roof truss including king and queen trusses. Each part explained in detail.

Eave – The part of the roof that extends beyond the edge. Eave Vents – screens that allow fresh air into the attic. Downspout – connected to the gutter Parts of a roof. Decking (or sheathing) Usually made from 1⁄2-inch plywood, the decking closes and reinforces the roof structure and provides a nailbed for…

Dyer’s offers a full selection of vent replacement parts ranging from, handles and lids to motors.

Minimum Roof Pitch For Asphalt Shingles Installing asphalt shingles: 5 common mistakes to Avoid – Продолжительность: 5:37 RoofingIntelligence.com 752 640 просмотров. IKO Blueprint for Roofing Part 10 – Low Slope Roof-Fast Application – Продолжительность: 6:19 iko roofing 75 528 просмотров. For most homeowners looking to do a re-roofing job on a budget while maintaining a fairly attractive look and weather tightness

Roof and Roofing Parts. Home Improvement; Roofing Guide; What happens when something goes wrong with your roof? When the time comes for replacement or repair, will you have proper knowledge of all the parts to identify the problem, or even describe it to your contractor?

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