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Whether you choose to employ flow-through cooling, with a gable vent at each end of the attic, or other forms of passive cooling where gable vents work in tandem with ridge vents or soffit vents …

Gable vents are triangular shaped openings in an attic wall that originate from the roof peak. However, gable vents are easy to install and require little or no maintenance.

Installing Ridge Shingles To cover the ridge, install vented cap shingles or continuous ridge vent. Bend single tabs (or special ridge shingles) over the ridge, beginning at the end putting a bead of asphalt under the first ridge shingle to hold down the tab. Nail it where the next ridge shingle will cover the nails about an inch

Previously there were only gable vents and the customer wanted a ridge vent so I installed one. There are only three small soffit vents, so I will be adding soffit vents at each rafter spacing.

Colors Roof Shingles Roofing Shingle Suppliers Minimum Pitch For Shingle Roof Shingle Repair How to fix shingles. repairing shingles is some of the simplest DIY work you can do. The main concern is staying safe, which you can handle by choosing the right day to work and using safety… Roofing A Valley valley roofing offers comprehensive services for

This article explains the benefits of installing gable vents in your home's attic. Gable vents are a great alternative, or an addition, to your home's ventilation system.

How to install a Vinyl Gable Vent Gable vents are a good choice if you have a roof where it is difficult to install roof vents. Examples would be a tiled or metal roof where installation would be difficult.

A gable vent provides efficient ventilation in the attic, letting out heat and humidity during summer and moist air during winter. If left unventilated, heat may cause structural damage in the attic with time. Moist air on the other hand, will cause the formation of mold and mildew, which is a great health risk for the occupants of your home.

Gable louver vents installed just under the roof line will work wonders to cool your home in the summer and reduce mold buildup in the winter. While it is simpler to install a gable louver vent when your house is being built, you can add them to an older home. If you follow these DIY directions, of course.

In this video I am installing a gable vent screen to prevent squirrel entry. The customer had Grey squirrels entering by day and flying squirrels at night!

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