Asphalt shingles still dominate the US roofing industry, accounting for more than 70% of all residential, sloped roofs including new construction and replacements. That's probably why you're here – asphalt shingles are on the short list of materials you're considering for your home, garage, or…

Additional considerations and costs. Underlayment 2 is a waterproofing membrane always recommended to prevent the ingress of moisture and other elements. It also provides weather-proofing until the roof is installed. It is required depending on the type of roofing material and slope.

Synthetic Underlayment The biggest drawback to synthetic underlayment is the cost. As of publication, you can purchase a 72-foot roll of 30-pound roofing felt for around $15. RoofAquaGuard UDLX. Our premium Synthetic Underlayment is engineered to be strong, install easily, and have secure traction for rooftop safety. The 60” wide rolls are mechanically fastened and designed to
How To Install A Roof How to Install Metal Roofing. Metal roofing is becoming very popular because it adds durability, beauty, and helps reduce the energy costs of your home. This type of roofing is available in a wide array of colors, textures, and styles, and… Learn how to install underlayment, shingles, flashing & other roofing components. A Helpful Guide

Roofing and reroofing with asphalt shingles are normally done by specialty roofing contractors, but a homeowner with good skills and who is committed to working safely above the ground can Have a glance at any professional roofing crew in action, and you'll notice the same pattern is always used.

3 Tab Shingle Dimensions Sep 02, 2010  · Answers. There are two The standard three tab roof shingle is 36 " wide 80 lbs for a 25 year shingle then there the metric three tab roof shingle is 39 " wide 80 lbs for a 25 year shingle. 1. 3-tab shingles have only 1 shingle tab size and shape. 2.

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing Roof Pros Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor, meaning we can do any job to repairs and replacements from a new roof installation. You won't need to hire any company other than us. We have experience with a large number of roofing materials, from solar, wood, asphalt and energy efficient shingles to other kinds of roofing, like more …

In a highly competitive residential roofing market saturated with numerous options, asphalt shingles are by far one of the most popular choices. While not as durable and long-lasting as some of the more premium roofing materials such as metal, cedar shakes, slate, or clay tiles…

Vent On Roof Our retrofit roof vents are designed to fit on an existing base. replace your old, worn and noisy vent heads! All intake vents should be installed on the low end of the roof or under the eaves. effective attic ventilation systems reduce damaging heat and moisture in your attic, promote energy efficiency by helping to

Is it time for a roof replacement? On average, a roof lasts about 20 to 25 years. But a roof may need replacement much sooner for several reasons, including hail damage, poor attic ventilation, low-quality roofing materials or poor roof installation.

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