Roof And Brick Colour Combinations Mix and match brick colours, roof tiles and fascia/gutter colours with ease. Choose from hundreds of possibilities then download, email, print and share your selections. Then, browse through the filtered product ranges to mix and match complementary products to create your own unique combination. Get inspired by color combination Pipes and Bricks and create a

Add an extra layer of protection between your shingles and roof deck with this #30 216 sq. ft. felt roof deck Protection. This felt will help prevent damage to your roof from wind-driven rain and water from other sources.

Roofing cricket 30 pd felt and 90 pound paper and pre-cold seal 310-291-5909.

20 lb. bond paper isn't 20 pounds of bond paper, but rather thebasis weight, which measures the density of the paper based on howheavy 500 A 30 square roof has 300 sq ft. as for the answer to your question it all depends…. there are two types of felt paper that are normally used in roofing.

How to install Roofing underlayment the proper way , why I use 30 Lbs. VS Synthetic ? 15 lb. or 30 lb. felt? jsusan. I do appreciate the help from this discussion board regarding a new roof for my home. It is not much more to upgrade to a 30 lb. felt underlayment as compared to the 15 lb. … I get twice the protection than with 15 lb paper at no additional labor costs.

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