Clay roof tiles are made from silica clay and are naturally maintenance free. For instance, iron oxides add red tones, while carbon compounds add gray. These colors are fixed by the firing process, which means they do not fade like pigment-added cement tiles, which require regular maintenance.

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Explore Cathy Chiles’s board "Clay Tile Roof Homes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spanish style homes, Spanish style houses and Spanish architecture. … exterior spanish style home. Clay/terracotta tile roof, white walls, tan/neutral ground, plants/flowers to add color. … exterior paint colors for red tile roof luxury style home w red …

May 13, 2007  · It should not be surprising that all things Hispanic are referred to as "Latin," since up until around the beginning of the Fifth Century AD, Spain was the crown jewel of the Roman Empire; Spanish is simply the Latin tongue as it has evolved and changed over the centuries (with a few influences from Gothic and Arabic).

A lot of people love clay roof tiles – and for good reason. They not only bring an upscale look to a home, they also bring an air of sophistication. They have their basis in Spanish architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Spanish Empire was at its’ zenith.

Ispanijos molio čerpių: Lotynų stiliaus Upscale namus. Iš: Wayne Hemrick. Tai neturėtų stebinti, kad viską Ispaniškas vadinami "Lotynų," nes iki maždaug penktą amžiaus AD, pradžioje Ispanija buvo vertybe, Romos imperija; Ispanų yra tiesiog Lotynų kalba, kaip jis keitėsi ir pasikeitė per šimtmečius…

Tile Roof Review - Concrete vs Clay Spanish Clay Roof Tiles – Latin Style For upscale homes. retrieved April 26, 2019, … Hemrick, Wayne "Spanish Clay Roof Tiles – Latin Style For Upscale Homes." Spanish Clay Roof Tiles – Latin Style For Upscale Homes

An identifiable characteristic of Spanish style homes is the clay tile roof. The solid barrel or “S” shaped tiles are usually red or reddish brown, and slant downward. These tiles help keep the interior of the home cool and stand up against harsh climates. Prominent Arches. Arches are very noteworthy in these homes.

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