Roofing System Basics The roof of a commercial building has to be made keeping the safety and security in mind. It should take less time in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible. The top roofing …

Read on to know all about roofing and other related information. Your roof needs to be replaced and you're wondering when the weather hold will long So now you know you can get it done without waiting for the weather, the only other hold up is finding a roofer to do the job. When you look back at…

Is Your Attic Housing Little Woodland Critters? Sealing your attic against critters. If you need help getting your home ready for spring and summer and/or making sure that your attic and eaves are impenetrable to animals, Kaufman's Home Maintenance can help. Kaufman's delivers handyman services and scheduled home maintenance… If you are having a problem with a wild animal, please select your

6 Types of Roofing Materials You Should Know Home Exterior Basics Which Roofing Materials Last the Longest? Home Exterior Basics The 5 Most Common Problem Areas of a roof system home exterior Basics Standing Seam Metal Roof Basics Before You buy home exterior Basics

Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters & Windows . Our Main Services. Integrity Roofing. … After each window and siding installation, we receive so many compliments from our customers letting us know what a great job our crews did!

New Roofing Industry Association Focuses on UnderlaymentsOAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. – With a desire to cultivate the long-term success of New Insulation Board Designed for High Load-Bearing ApplicationsKingspan Insulation has expanded its commercial product offering by introducing…

Ice Damming. Taking Action Against Ice Damming This Winter What You Should Know to Help Protect Your Roof Are ice dams damaging your roof? Above average snowfall and below average cold temperatures throughout the winter season may leave homeowners finding that the wrath of this winter has left long-term roof damage in its wake.

We contacted knowles roofing approximately 17 years ago to put a new roof on our home. This past Winter we experienced some damage brought about by an ice dam which, in turn, caused a leak into the garage.

Replacing your roof can be a costly and frustrating process, especially if you don’t know about all of the financing options available to you. We’re going to walk you through some roof replacement financing options, and help give you the knowledge to choose the right method for your needs.

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