A month-by-month guide . Safeguard your house with routine home maintenance. Our guide can help you prepare for storms, day-to-day hazards and more.

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Winter Preparation Checklist Conduct a thorough inspection before the season’s first cold snap as part of your winter preparation.

Prepare yourself. Some winter weather tips to help you get through a severe stretch of cold: Stay indoors during the storm. Repair roof leaks and remove tree branches that could get weighed down with ice or snow and fall on your house – or your neighbor's.

Minneapolis Roofing: Can you install shingles in the winter? Winter storm preparedness is vital to your safety and your home’s health. Learn tips on how to prepare you and your house for a looming winter storm.

To prevent damage from the winter temperatures and elements, there are some things you can do to winterize your house. Here are a few of the things you can do. Inspect and repair. The best time to check your roof is going to be before it rains or snows. Once the roof becomes damp, it's going to be difficult to walk on and inspect.

If your roof isn't ready for the winner, there is a good chance that your home will suffer. How much it actually sufferers, is going to depend largely upon the condition of your roof. The more that you prepare your house for the winter, the better your chances will be for surviving through it.

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