Hob Nob Anyone? is an unofficial fanzine site for fans of Reading F.C., and the association football club in Reading, England.The name is a reference to the town's association with biscuit making: for many years, the town of Reading was home to the Huntley & Palmers biscuit factory, makers of HobNob biscuits.

If anyone calls, take a message. I don’t know how anyone can believe that. An accident like that could happen to anyone. You have to be a member to go there. They won’t let just anyone in.

Anyone as a pronoun meaning “anybody” or “any person at all” is written as one word: Does anyone have the correct time? The two-word phrase any one means “any single member of a group of persons or things” and is often followed by of: Can any one of the members type? Any one of these books is exciting reading. Anyone is somewhat more formal than anybody.

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· Anyone is often used in place of everyone in sentences like She is the most thrifty person of anyone I know. This usage is frowned upon by a majority of the Usage Panel, with 60 percent rejecting it in 2001, almost the same percentage that rejected it in 1964, when 64 percent rejected it.

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